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How to increase the repurchase rate of products through packaging bags.


Sales volume and profit are the ultimate goals pursued by every enterprise. In order to increase product sales and brand market share, many businesses have made a lot of efforts: increasing advertising efforts, and deeply imprinting their brands in the memory of customers through overwhelming advertising and magical brainwashing advertising slogans. , improve customers’ trust in the product, thereby increasing sales. Conduct preferential activities: Many brands attract customers through promotional offers and get their products into more and more people‚Äôs shopping carts.

Of course, there are many other ways to build brand awareness, which can help increase your brand’s sales. But today we are not going to discuss advertising techniques and promotion methods with you. We are going to talk to you about how to increase the repurchase rate of buyers.

Your products must be of high quality, your advertising must be excellent, and your promotions must be very sincere. I believe your first-round sales must also be very good, but how do you get these customers to buy from you again and again? What about the products? This requires you to improve the “user experience”. Pleasant use memories will increase customer loyalty and increase repurchase rates.

Regarding “how to improve the user experience”, we contacted George, a packaging bag production expert. He will bring you some different suggestions from the perspective of customized packaging bags:

Many brands only consider whether the design is attractive when customizing packaging bags. In fact, there are still many details that need to be considered. We will explain it to you according to different stages.

1. Purchase stage

Attractive packaging design: Your design should not blindly pursue gorgeousness and complexity, but should be in line with the style positioning of your brand and product. In addition to attracting customers, you also need to make customers trust your products, so that the final transaction will come.

Bags with visual windows: Depending on the actual situation, you can consider customizing a bag with a window for your products, allowing customers to directly see the products in the bag. This allows customers to judge that the quality of your product is very good in the first place, leading to purchase.

Hanging ports: In addition to being displayed on the shelves, your products can also be hung. Considering your actual sales scenario, you can decide whether you need to add a hanging port.

2.Usage stage

Easy-tear opening: It is recommended that your bag must have an easy-tear opening. Customers can easily tear the bag open without using sharp tools such as scissors, which is convenient, trouble-free and safe.

Resealable zippers: How to reseal bags is an issue worthy of attention. Many people will struggle with this problem in real life. If the opened product is not properly stored, it may deteriorate or be spilled. At this time, the resealable zipper is very important. Your customers can easily seal the bag with a simple operation and open it multiple times without affecting the function. Customers no longer have to look for clips!

3. Powder products

There is an ongoing problem with powdered products: the powder sticks to the bag due to static electricity. If you want your customers to have a better experience, it is recommended that you choose anti-static film when customizing packaging bags.

4. Touch film

In addition, some brands also pay attention to the touch of packaging bags. Most packaging bags on the market are made of PET film, but some brands will choose touch-sensitive films, which will also bring a different experience to customers.

“Every detail must be taken into consideration to improve the customer’s repurchase rate.” This is a sentence that George, the manager of Mylarbag, has repeatedly mentioned. Like George, we hope that companies can pay attention to more details so that your brand can win more. Strong vitality.

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