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Why More People Are Choosing Sapphires For Their Engagement Rings


We all know the saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” But there’s a new gem on the block. For those in search of the ideal ring, it’s worth considering the charm of these coloured gems. What is tradition when you can get something different and write your own story? This is why sapphires are gaining popularity in the engagement ring market.

Sapphires Stand-out Aesthetics

Move over colourless stones, make way for the spectrum. Sapphires boast a range of vibrant hues, from the midnight blue sky in Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ to the serene ocean blues that nature herself paints. This means you can cater the ring not only to any budget but also to any personal style. Coloured gems add an individualistic touch. Your proposal becomes not a generic scene from a rom-com, but an expression of the particular love you share. If you were    a flavour, you’d be sapphire—rich, full, and with a depth that others can only dream of.

Durability That Defies The Knock Of Time

In the wrestling match between sapphires and everyday wear and tear, the former wins by a landslide. Sapphires rank just below diamonds on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which means they’re superb at taking a beating without looking—scared is too strong of a word—but one’s got to notice their sparkle is still here. This robustness makes sapphires an everyday-wear gem. When the story of your marriage follows the same pattern—tender yet tough—sapphires are the perfect storyteller.

The Price Is Right

Comparing sapphires to diamonds is like weighing a pint-size pup against a grown-up great dane; there’s no contest. The cost of sapphires averages significantly less than diamonds, meaning your budget can expand to include a larger stone or more intricate setting, and no one is any the wiser. In fact, with engagement ring prices soaring, sapphires offer a much-needed breath of fresh economic air. Your love isn’t about to run out, so why should your savings?

A Symbolism As Solid As The Earth

A sapphire engagement ring in Australia serves as profound symbols of fidelity, love, and commitment, transcending their material value. Sapphires are linked to sincerity and peace, so they’re believed in certain cultures to safeguard the wearer from envy and harm – this can only be good news, right? This gemstone’s rich history and deep-rooted symbolism resonate with the profound emotions inherent in engagements and marriages. It’s not about what’s traditional, but what your partner values. Sapphires symbolise that you thought outside the jewellery box, and on this occasion, that hits the mark more than a diamond ever could.

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