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Rooftop Solar Panel Installation: A Complete Guide


When installing solar panels on the roofs of existing buildings, BSL evaluates the construction. Our skilled engineers can determine whether the current roofs are strong enough to support the anticipated loads of solar panels and can offer affordable designs for installing solar panel plates or assemblies over various roof structures, such as PEB structures, RCC slabs, shell roofs, and precast roof structures.

It won’t take much of your time or effort to get ready for rooftop solar panel installation because your expert photovoltaic contractor will take care of nearly everything. However, to speed the process and guarantee your solar power project doesn’t meet any obstacles, do the following steps.

Steps of Installation of Solar Panels on Roofs

Installing rooftop solar panels can appear intimidating before everything, but it’s easier to do in case you smash it down into smaller, greater manageable steps. Let’s talk about solar installation procedure:

Assessment and Planning

Determine whether your roof is suitable for a rooftop solar array before doing anything else.

Choosing Your Panels

With so many house roof solar panel options available, it’s important to understand your energy needs and budget considerations before choosing the right type.

Getting the Permits You Need

Getting permits is one of the most important steps in getting ready for a residential solar installation. It’s one of the legal aspects of the process.

Prior to installation, it is crucial to set up scaffolding, make sure all materials are prepared, and secure the solar panels to the roof.

Check the Integrity of Your Rooftop

If your roof appears to be insufficiently ideal for solar panels, or if there’s glaring harm to it, a certified photovoltaic contractor will inform you. However, the weight of a sun power device set up for your rooftop can not be determined until you are a certified constructing professional, structural engineer, or roof repairer. Make positive your rooftop is structurally sound before shifting ahead with the set up by means of hiring a professional and setting up an evaluation.

Consider Trimming Your Trees

Removing the branches of any color bushes which might be near your own home can permit the sun to fully attain your solar panels, resulting within the great viable rooftop solar electricity output. Trimming your timber can be risky labor, so that you might want to touch an arborist or gardener in your region as opposed to doing it your self.

Get Homeowners Association Approval

Do you are living in a townhouse complex, subdivision, or deliberate community? Your homeowners affiliation can also want to provide its approval earlier than you start installing rooftop sun panels. Your solar power machine may just need to stick to unique layout specs with the intention to do that, but if your HOA has any reservations approximately the installation, your photovoltaic contractor can assist.


Out of all the options available, installing solar panels on top of a roof is an increasingly common selection among different households and businesses. The propane fuel sales are also increasing with time. On the other hand, there is an educational process and a certain amount of preparation involved in installing solar panels.

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